About Us 

Friends of Encore Learning of Stockton is affiliated with the Richard H. Stockton University Foundation.We are a volunteer not-for-profit association, whose mission is to provide unique opportunities for life-long learning and education for its members. FELS’ fundraising efforts offer annual scholarship monies to deserving Stockton students.

Membership in FELS is open to all who share a passion for learning. Annual dues are $35, $50 per couple. Only members in good standing are eligible to participate in study groups. Announcements of study groups, trips and special programs will be posted on our web page www.felstockton.com, mailed and emailed to every member.

FELS offers study groups which meet monthly for six sessions and cost $25 per group. Our leaders are recruited from the FELS membership, Stockton faculty and from our local communities. Our groups are varied.

For more information on our current Study Group offering please go to our Course Descriptions Page.

We look forward to having you join FELS and participate in our activities.

Officers Slate 2016-2017

From left to right: Meryl Baer, Marilyn Casel, Sondra Mandel, Esther Steele, Carole Letzter and Jim Cahill

Co-President & Recording Secretary Marilyn Casel, 609-822-1065
Co-President & Treasurer Esther Steele, 609-348-8722
Vice-President & Special Events Coordinator Carole Letzter, 609-823-2763
Study Group Chairperson Sondra Mandel, 609-246-7460
Study Group Associate Meryl Baer, 717-951-3656
Study Group Associate Jim Cahill, 609-437-9714

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